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The-New-Gourmet-Me™: The Crockpot Gourmet


The-New-Gourmet-Me™: The Crockpot Gourmet

Entree Press Cookbooks™ imprint of Lisa Loucks Christenson Publishing, LLC

Written & Illustrated by Lisa Loucks Christenson

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Lisa's best crockpot recipes to help you create a delicious dinner for one person or more!


Lisa Loucks Christenson is a national award-winning author and photographer whose works appears in books, magazines, ads, greeting cards, and more. Her food photography is published in Esquire Magazine, Woman's World, Capstone Press, Suzy's Salsa, Kettle Fudge, and countless other publications. Lisa's food photography experience ranges from shooting individual products, solo entrees, plated dishes for menus to entire room interiors of restaurants that are used in their advertisements (including her and her husbands' former wild game bistro), magazines, books, wall art,. Lisa's known for shooting inviting, eye-catching displays of food items that get noticed, her food shots and sets feature her unique twist for styling and photography foods and meals clients and customers want to eat!

Lisa is working on a new set of cookbooks for her,  The-New-Gourmet-Me™ cookbooks published by Entree Press Cookbooks™ imprint of Lisa Loucks Christenson.

Lisa's new line of cookbooks feature her appetizing food photographs, recipes for cooking for one, or for many, are all included in her new cookbook line, featuring her favorite recipes for Fish, Confections, Wild Game, The Crockpot Gourmet. 


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